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Orange Momentum Takeda Toyota GR86 / Subaru BRZ

The iconic orange GR86 meets its match in a bright orange Takeda Momentum CAI. Sealed with a stylish import-styled Takeda window to the stealthy black filter and volumetric design. Outflows stock by 38% and dyno-tested with gains up to +5 HP horsepower and +7 LB-FT torque.

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13-14 2.5L Subaru Outback Rapid Induction Intake Kit

Utilizing the lower half of the stock airbox, the Takeda Rapid Induction Cold Air Intake System features the larger oil-free dry air filter and high-volume aluminum tube. An OE look with a stylish import-inspired Takeda flair and emblem elevates power gains by +11 HP horsepower and +13 LB-FT torque and outflow the factory system by 41%.

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20-24 Subaru Outback 2.4L Turbo Momentum Intake

Your Subaru can do it all. We help it do more. Add more power and torque and increase towing capacity. Outflowing stock intake by 53% and dyno-tested gains of up to +20 HP horsepower and +24 LB-FT torque make this the perfect companion for all-terrain adventuring. Takeda Momentum tire-tread design and stylized Takeda-logo window to filter make a subtle OE+ look. Choose between a high-flow Pro 5R air filter or an easy-maintenance, oil-free Pro DRY S filter.

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Scorcher BLUE Bluetooth Toyota Tundra/Sequoia

The gains were so unbelievable we had to test 5 times. Dyno gains up to +110 HP horsepower and +162 LB-FT torque made this Scorcher Power Module a formidable foe. The 3rd Gen Tundra isn’t the only vehicle to enjoy these gains; it is now approved for the Sequoia.

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Scorcher Plus Power Modules

Get the instant power gains of our Scorcher module combined with a throttle enhancer designed to eliminate that annoying delay in your throttle pedal. Equipped with 3 distinct modes to take you all the way from Stock to Race mode at the press of a button.

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Orange TRX Magnum-FORCE Intake

The best-in-class open Magnum FORCE intake for the RAM TRX is now made in orange. Outflows stock air box by 32% and adds dyno-tested gains up to +21 HP horsepower and +19 LB-FT torque. Rotational molded design in-house for maximum volume. 18-inch filter reinforced with expanded metal.

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