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aFe POWER provides manifolds, turbochargers, intercoolers, forced induction components, and now premium and OER radiators through the BladeRunner line. aFe POWER manufactures parts designed to increase performance and keep your vehicle running at peak performance. From high-quality factory replacements to premium upgrades, the wide variety of applications in the BladeRunner Series of products are designed to suit your various needs.

aFe POWER line of radiators

aFe POWER BladeRunner Radiators

Radiators are integral to most internal combustion engines. aFe POWER BladeRunner line of radiators keeps your vehicle running efficiently and reliably. The BladeRunner line offers three distinct radiators to suit your needs: OER Series to replace your factory radiator, Street Series to increase capacity and cooling capacity, and the GT Series to provide the highest capacity and most durability.

OER (Original Equipment Replacement) Series

The BladeRunner OER Series is designed as a perfect drop-in replacement for your factory radiator that has become damaged or has lost efficiency over time. The quick and easy install of a BladeRunner OER Series radiator matches factory coolant capacity and is manufactured to meet or exceed factory standards. These radiators feature aluminum tube-and-fin cores with plastic end tanks.

Heavy-duty aftermarket aFe POWER radiator for Jeep Wrangler with radiator hoses and hardware on white background

aFe POWER BladeRunner GT Series Radiator System for V6-3.6L 12-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

GT Series- The Ultimate Radiator Upgrade

If you push your vehicle to the absolute limit in the hottest, harshest, and most extreme conditions, you need a radiator to keep its cool. The BladeRunner GT Series is the best in class: A comprehensive radiator system with premium components and the largest available core, ensuring your engine performs at peak operating temperatures.

 This heavy-duty aftermarket radiator is strong and durable, constructed from high-grade aluminum with TIG-welded aluminum end tanks and billet aluminum inlets and outlets. The difference is the massive bar-and-plate core, which measures 75% larger than stock, providing the greatest heat dissipation and best coolant flow. This innovative design offers the biggest increase in efficiency, 25% over stock, fit for the heaviest workloads.

Factory radiator on white background
  • aFe POWER OER Radiator for 09-17 V6/V8 Dodge Charger/Challenger
aFe POWER aftermarket radiator upgrade for GM Diesel Trucks on white background

aFe POWER BladeRunner Street Series Radiator System for 03-05 V8-6.6L GM Diesel Trucks

Street Series Radiator Upgrade

The BladeRunner Street Series offers increased volume, increased coolant capacity, and thus increased work load. This upgrade is complete with TIG-welded, high-grade aluminum end tanks for increased strength and durability. The tube-and-fin core is 50% thicker than the factory radiator, providing greater heat dissipation and better coolant flow. This design increases coolant capacity and efficiency. This radiator even includes a ¼-IN NPT brass drain valve with a barbed fitting to connect a hose for draining coolant for easy, mess-free maintenance.

The GT Series includes radiator hoses made from durable, heat-resistant silicone, an upgrade from factory radiator tubes made from rubber that erode over time. These components are also offered on their own in the BladeRunner Radiator Hose Kit. A ¼-IN NPT brass drain valve with a barbed fitting to connect a hose for draining coolant makes for easy, mess-free maintenance. Select BladeRunner GT Radiators even have a top heat shield or trim piece that provides a cooler surface under the hood.

Aftermarket radiator hose set with 2 black silicone radiator hoses and 4 metal clamps on white background

Whatever your needs, aFe POWER BladeRunner Radiators support  your engine-cooling system.

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