Performance Parts for the Corvette C8

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American Muscle–Reimagined

The newest generation 20-23 C8 Corvette is a showstopper with its naturally aspirated 6.2-L V-8 engine situated behind the pilot seat. With this all-new mid-engine design, there is improved handling, weight distribution, and acceleration. In stock trim, this powerful all-American Muscle makes 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. The legendary small-block Chevy V-8 engine produces an unmistakable roar, but to improve driver feedback, aFe wanted to enhance performance even more. aFe POWER developed a line of products for the 20-23 Chevrolet Corvette C8 that boost power and improve handling.

Cold Air Intake

With dual high-flow air filters and a sleek 100% carbon fiber cover and tube, the aFe POWER Black Series Air Intake System is the enthusiast’s choice for optimizing airflow and increasing power. When fully assembled, this unprecedented intake system spans 3 feet wide at the front of the engine bay, accommodating two large, high-surface-area air filters in both inlets.

Rear side view of ceramic grey 2021 C8 Corvette with aFe POWER exhaust in outside parking lot in front of industrial building

The massive air box features a closed, sealed design to shield cool incoming air from the hot, hard-working engine. Cold air is denser and creates more power when you step on the throttle. With gains up to +12 HP and +10 lb-ft TQ, this induction system outflows the factory by +15%. You can choose your airflow and convenience elements by selecting the high-flow oiled Pro 5R or the easy maintenance oil-less Pro DryS air filter. Top it off with durable and secure seals, including high-quality hardware, stainless steel clamps, and flexible silicone bellow couplings that move with the action.

The aFe POWER Track Series Air Intake is identical to the Black Series, including the carbon fiber tube, but the carbon fiber cover is replaced with a seal trim that seals to the back cover of the engine for easier maintenance and more engine sound.

Exhaust Components

Elevate your Corvette C8 with an aFe cat-back exhaust system and street-legal headers. Both deliver dyno-proven gains you can feel and hear. The aFe MACH Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust is 100% TIG-welded in-house from mandrel-bent, high-quality 304 Stainless Steel. Each detail optimizes the nuances of this new American Muscle using high-tech computer-aided technology and rigorous research and development. The configurations of the 2.5-3-inch mandrel-bent tubes maximize airflow, and a brushed finish completes the look. The heat-resistant Metallic Black 304 Stainless Steel Muffler is designed with an integrated X-pipe to balance pressure and enhance the distinctive exhaust note.

What makes this exhaust system truly special? The stylish and functional woven, interlock heavy-duty flex pipes between exhaust tubes allow flexibility for engine heat and vigorous on-the-road movement. Altogether, you’ll hear a powerful and aggressive sound from a system whose durability will stand the test of time. The system has various finishes for the Quad 4.5-inch Clamp-On Tips, including Powder-Coated Black, Polished Stainless Steel, and Carbon Fiber. Suppose you are looking for even more modifications and a more aggressive sound. In that case, the system is available as a muffler-delete variant, Mach Force-XP Cat-Back Exhaust w/o Muffler, and to accommodate the factory NPP exhaust valves with or without the muffler.

Street-legal Headers

aFe Twisted Steel Coated Headers incorporate optimized tube lengths made from mandrel-bent 304 Stainless Steel. The Tri-Y design features specifically-tuned paired opposite firing cylinders to improve cylinder scavenging, exhaust flow, and performance. Need to cool off? Titanium Cerakote Ceramic outer finish coating and Copper Ceramic inner coating reduce engine compartment heat by as much as 46% compared to non-coated headers.

Under the hood install shot of 2021 Chevrolet Corvette Engine with aFe POWER performance exhaust headers

TIG-welded inlet ports and laser-cut, factory-style flanges ensure a seamless, leak-free seal to the cylinder heads. This direct bolt-on system requires no cutting or modifications and includes manifold bolts and factory gaskets. Dyno-proven gains of up to +17 HP and +24 lb-ft TQ will unleash a powerful sound. This product is street-legal in all 50 states (CARB EO# D-550-49).

Sway Bars

With its mid-engine layout, powering out of turn feels like you are exiting a corner on rails. Early to mid-corner understeer occurs when pushing the car hard. If you want to sharpen your steering response, improve your turn-in, and reduce body roll for your Corvette C8, then the aFe CONTROL Sway Bar Set is what you need, meticulously designed to cure the shortcomings of the C8 Corvette. At 1.375-inch thick, these CNC bent 1026 DOM Steel bars are tubular, lightweight, and powder-coated blue. Both the Front and Rear Sway Bars are adjustable via three laser-cut holes on the CNC-machined ends that are TIG-welded to the bar. This design enables you to easily customize your ride for three levels of stiffness. The direct-fit installation requires no modifications, and with 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum front and rear greaseable polyurethane bushings, maintenance and customization are a cinch.

Front Sway Bar, 3-Way Adjustment

  • 720 lbs/in (50% Stiffer than Stock Base/Z51)
  • 845 lbs/in (76% Stiffer than Stock Base/Z51)
  • 970 lbs/in (103% Stiffer than Stock Base/Z51)

Rear Sway Bar, 3-Way Adjustment

  • 600 lbs/in (100% Stiffer than Stock Z51)
  • 680 lbs/in (127% Stiffer than Stock Z51)
  • 780 lbs/in (160% Stiffer than Stock Z51)

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