Which aFe POWER Air Filter Do I Have?


aFe POWER offers various engine air filter shapes, sizes, and media, depending on your vehicle and needs. We offer universal, custom-built, or OER (Original Equipment Replacement) air filters that fit in the stock airbox. Your filter may also be a component of aFe POWER intake systems.

Drop-in rectangular blue oiled Pro 5R aFe air filter in stock airbox

aFe POWER OER Filter in Factory Airbox

aFe Magnum Force Cold Air Intake with aFe Pro 5R Filter installed on 2022 Ford F-150

aFe POWER Filter in aFe POWER Cold Air Intake

Identifying Intake Filter

If you have a full aFe POWER Cold Air Intake, you may have to disassemble it to find the part number in the spot near the flange opening mentioned above.

If you know the part number of your intake kit, you may be able to locate the part number of the filter. Enter the part number of the intake kit in the search box on the aFe POWER website. If you scroll down on the product page, you will find the air filter that goes with your intake kit.

Locating the Part Number

If you have an aFe POWER air filter in your stock airbox, identification may require disassembly. The part number can be found on the flange opening in a small circle on conical filters. On a rectangular filter, the part number can be found on the side. Once you locate the number, type it in the search box on the aFe POWER website.

“Search by Vehicle”

Another way to figure out the part number is to use the “Search by Vehicle” filter on the aFe POWER website. Enter your year, make, and model. Once you search, filter the results again by clicking “Induction” at the top. Then, find the air filter or full intake kit that matches the one you have.

How to get a replacement filter

aFe POWER engine air filters are washable and reusable and should last the lifetime of your vehicle. To ensure proper functionality, we recommend maintaining your air filter regularly by cleaning, and oiling it if you have an oiled filter, every 20k-30k miles or sooner if you’ve been through extremely dusty or dirty conditions. To learn more about filter maintenance, click here.

If you need a replacement filter, search for the part number on the aFe website. You may choose the media of your selected filter.

Oiled Vs. Dry Filter

Four different aFe engine air filter medias: blue, blue with expanded metal, gold, and grey

Check the color

When the filter is dirty, the color of the oil will disappear. The foundation of the filter media is grey.

The four different aFe air filter media are each tailored to different specifications based on performance, convenience, and driving conditions. To learn more about the difference between filter media, click here.

You may be able to tell what filter media you have based solely on color, though because the dye in the oil fades over time, you may need to double-check.

If you look elsewhere on the filter, like on the top, you may see the name, like Pro DRY S.  Similarly, you can locate the part number. If you still having trouble figuring out what filter you have, we recommend checking your original order information.

Comparison chart of aFe four different oiled and dry air filter media

If you are looking for how to clean your oiled or dry air filter, click here.