Cold Air Intake Systems:

Open vs Sealed

Whether you favor an open or sealed cold air intake, aFe POWER has the solution for you. Each intake incorporates cutting-edge technology to create a system perfectly suited for your engine bay and an ideal match for your vehicle’s engine. From prototyping and test-fitting to in-house dyno testing, every system undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure optimal performance. Trust aFe POWER to provide a potent and comprehensive intake, maximizing the potential of your vehicle.

Open Intakes

  • More Aggressive Induction Sound
  • Classic, open-element intake meets innovation and cutting edge design

aFe’s Performance Open Air Intake

MAGNUM FORCE is for you:

If you’re a performance-minded enthusiast that loves hearing your engine rev as much as you love feeling it. Massive filters, raw power and maximum induction noise.


TRACK SERIES is for you:

If you want the pinnacle of open-element intakes. Raw induction noise, unmatched power and easy on the eyes. Nothing says top-notch performance quite like carbon fiber.

Keeps lower half of stock airbox


If you’re not completely ready to say goodbye to your stock airbox.  Get the best of both worlds by gaining open-element sound and raw power while maintaining protection with the lower half of your airbox.

Sealed Intakes

  • Sleek, modern design
  • Over-engineered for maximum performance while maintiaining protection from debris

aFe’s Flagship
sealed air intake

MOMENTUM is for you:

If you want an innovative sealed intake to fully replace your stock intake system.  Protection from debris, maximum cold air and a modern, clean look.

Premium CARBON FIBER Housing & Tube

BLACK SERIES is for yoU:

If you want a sealed cold air intake that utilizes sleek carbon fiber throughout the whole system. In a lightweight, luxurious package, make a statement with the hood open or closed.

No Frills workhorse

QUANTUM is for you:

If your gas or diesel truck works as hard as you do. This light yet durable intake withstands extreme engine vibration, protects from rogue debris and keeps up with your toughest jobs.