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Red Momentum Cold Air Intake RAM 1500 5.7L

The RAM 1500 5.7L HEMI hard-working engine sometimes needs that extra oomph. Add some red and get dyno-tested gains of up to 8 HP horsepower and 8 LB-FT torque. The dry, washable & reusable air filter needs no oil and is top quality and designed to last the lifetime of your truck. The airbox, tube, and filter are proudly made in the USA.

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Red Momentum Cold Air Intake 2nd Gen Tundra

RED EDITION INTAKE now available for 2nd Gen Tundra Owners! Make a statement with the Red Edition Cold Air Intake, complete with red airbox and tube, rotational molded from high-quality heat-resistant XLPE plastic. Includes massive oil-free washable/reusable Pro DRY S air filter and the same impressive dyno-tested gains as the standard Black Momentum GT Intake of up to +20 HP horsepower and +33 Lbs x Ft torque.

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Takeda Cold Air Intake Civic / Civic Si & Integra

Looking for a more aggressive engine sound or improved acceleration? This Takeda CAI is the perfect upgrade for Honda and Acura enthusiasts looking to boost the performance of their 11th gen Civic or 5th gen Acura Integra engineered to increase airflow to your engine, delivering a boost in horsepower, torque, and throttle response.

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RAM TRX Super Stock Induction Kit (Non-Carbon-Fiber Tube Version)

Feed your TRX more air to unleash optimum power gains. Up to +11 HP and +10 Lbs. x Ft Torque of dyno-proven gains by installing the Super Stock Induction System (Pro 5R shown). Large, high-performance washable filters allow 19% more airflow to keep your HEMI Supercharger well-fed. Easily installs using your factory airbox. Choose carbon-fiber or industrial plastic styling for tube inlets.

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Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Intake RAM TRX

The massive 18-inch tall high-performance air filter is fitting for a beast like the TRX. Expanded metal retains structural integrity in the an open-element air box, permitting a whopping volume of airflow for the ultimate turbo-whirring sound.

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