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Upper Control Arms for 22-23 Toyota Tundra

Enhance your Tundra’s handling performance and style with the all-new aFe CONTROL Upper Control Arms. CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, our control arm is beautifully sculpted with a unique design that is sure to set your truck apart from the crowd.

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Turbo Inlet Pipe for 22-24 Toyota Land Cruiser J300 / Tundra

Improve Air Flow To The Turbos: Designed to eliminate airflow restrictions, these turbo inlets significantly enhance the volume of air delivered to the turbos when combined with any aFe POWER air intake system. They ensure a smooth, minimally restricted airflow from the intake system to the turbos, maximizing power output.

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Cabin Air Filter for 22-24 Toyota Tundra

aFe POWER Carbon Cabin Air Filters purifies the air entering your car’s ventilation system by reducing impurities like dust, soot, and pollen. These filters contain activated carbon granules that help eliminate odors and fumes, ensuring cleaner, fresher cabin air for you and your passengers.

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Expansion Tanks for 2011-23 Dodge Charger & Challenger

aFe POWER BladeRunner GT Expansion Tanks offer a premium upgrade to the factory expansion tanks in your Dodge Charger/Challenger. Say goodbye to the aging plastics of the stock tank, susceptible to yellowing and brittleness over time, affecting both appearance and reliability.

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