Toyota J300 Land Cruiser Diesel Drop-In Filter

Magnum FLOW Air Filter

LC300 Diesel

Blue oiled aftermarket high-quality aFe POWER Air Filter on right and stock OE engine paper filter on left comparison on white background

Replace your paper filter with an aFe POWER Air Filter perfectly made for your stock airbox!

Pro 5R Filter (Blue)

  • Oiled
  • High-performance
  • Progressive layers of cotton guaze

Pro DRY S (Grey)

  • Dry / No oil
  • Synthetic material
  • High filtration

Pro GUARD 7 (Yellow/Gold)

  1. Oiled
  2. Mix of synthetic and cotton layers
  3. Highest dust-holding capacity and protection

*All aFe POWER Air Filters Listed Are Washable/Reusable 

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Choose between three options of filter media: Pro 5R for highest flow and highest performance, Pro GUARD 7 for maximum dust-holding capacity and protection for off-road use, and Pro DRY S, the convenient filter that doesn’t need to be oiled. All aFe POWER Air Filters are washable/reusable and designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle.
This Original Equipment (OE) air filter fits the international, 2022 and 2023 Non-US Toyota Land Cruiser J300 with the V6 3.3L Turbo-Diesel engine.


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