New Product Announcement:

OER Air Filter for Mazda 2 11-14 L4-1.5L

With up to a 75% increase in flow over stock, this Pro 5R air filter features factory-oiled media for maximum performance. Its progressive bump seal design and polyurethane frame makes it extremely durable and simple to install.

  • Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles
  • Deep, Open Pleats Allow for Increased Surface Area, Flow, and Dust Holding Capacity

Oiled Air Filter

Mazda 2 11-14 L4-1.5L
Part Number 30-10418R

The Pro 5R filter uses a high-grade filter material allowing more air to flow through while capturing finer debris.

Dry Air Filter

Mazda 2 11-14 L4-1.5L
Part Number 30-10418D

For those who prefer not to use an oiled filter, we offer a synthetic media that does not break down which makes it washable and reusable.


Mazda 2 2011-14 L4-1.5L