Advanced Flow Engineering aFe founders, owners, and engineers in front of building in 1999

25 Years Ago

We started with a cutting-edge air filter in a near-empty 3200 square-foot office. At the time, Dick Cepek was looking to enter the performance filter market and was willing to take a chance on a new, start-up company, and this was the perfect opportunity to break into the market.

aFe owner woman holding first private labeled air filter box labeled Dick Cepek in front of filter manufacturing warehouse in 1999

Soon after, we manufactured more and more private label filters for well-known performance companies and rapidly developed more vehicle applications. We naturally progressed into custom filters, drop-in filters, and designing our own intake systems and sold them to the customers directly.

DIY racing go cart with custom aFe racing filter on it in Corona CA
aFe Founder Nick Niakan in front of grey aFe POWER Ford F250 Truck with fisheye angle in front of aFe POWER 232 Granite St manufacturing warehouse in Corona CA


In 2001, we were able to progress into a larger building, and in 2007, an even larger one. Over the years, more space has enabled us to ramp up manufacturing capabilities, expanding our product line to include exhaust, intercoolers, turbos, suspension and more. 23 years later, we are still expanding, not only in size, but also in product line offerings.

Aerial view of 127,000 sqft aFe POWER new big commercial warehouse building 1375 Sampson in Corona, California


We celebrate our 23rd Anniversary this month, and this milestone is highlighted by recently acquiring a new 127,000 square foot building, only a short distance away from our Corona, CA facility. Our taste for pushing the limits kept us going- it’s what innovation is all about.

Inside of almost empty 127,000 sqft commercial building warehouse aFe POWER with boxes lined up of cold air intake manufactured in USA parts with aFe POWER box truck and more nice cars parked in background

Throughout the years, we’ve overcome obstacles, from the risks of starting a new business to the 2008 recession. Despite the pandemic and recent years that challenged us all, we persevered with optimism, teamwork, and strategy. Even with all these challenges, we have continued to grow, exceeding the capacity of our existing buildings. Acquiring this greater building enables our operations to match our growth, with the cumulation of our facilities now covering over 300,000 square feet.

Aerial view of aFe POWER Cars and Coffee event at 1375 Sampson in Corona California with full parking lot of expensive and modified cars and car meet with lots of people walking around having fun

If it’s fun to drive- we’re there. From die-hard diesel devotees, to adrenaline junkies that push the limits on the track to those that push them on or off-road, we have a diverse customer base because we have a diverse team of enthusiasts. All of us at aFe POWER take pride in advancing the driving experience.

Two men kneeling on desert ground fixing up side-by-side Polaris in Ocatillo Wells offroading Southern California desert excursion with big white aFe POWER branded truck in back

We thank all of our customers for your continued support and for bringing aFe POWER along for your ride.

aFe POWER souped up with aftermarket performance parts White Ford Raptor driving fast in desert with huge dust trail in back
aFe POWER logo